KCHF TV-11 Son Broadcasting | USA | English | Christian

KCHF TV-11 Son Broadcasting – Background:

In January 1984, as part of his new Son Broadcasting Network, Belarmino “Blackie” Gonzalez launched KCHF TV-11 out of Santa Fe, New Mexico, as the first full-powered VHF Christian television station in the United States and the first Christian station in New Mexico.

The station has continued to air Christian programming locally and internationally with a reputation for excellence.

KCHF TV has expanded to cover more than 97% of New Mexico.

Programming includes local, national, and international Christian ministries, as well as originally produced programs. KCHF is available OTA (Over the Air), via satellite (Direct/Dish) and can be seen on over cable systems across New Mexico.

Additionally, it can be accessed online as well.

KCHF TV-11 Son Broadcasting – Schedule

Salvation TV | India | Tamil | Christian

Salvation TV – Background:

Salvation TV ministry was founded in the year 2007 in obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ’s great calling to reach the world through media & technology.

The humble beginning started with the launch of “Salvation TV” as a local 24×7 Christian channel serving a small town in Vellore District, in Tamil Nadu India covering over 50,000 viewers.

Since then, God has been enabling Salvation TV to reach the unreached by expanding our network coverage to neighboring cities and states in India.

In the year 2013, by our Lord’s grace Salvation TV expanded its broadcasting through satellite reaching over 120 countries.

God has been so faithful in His promise and has made Salvation TV as a great blessing for many millions in India and around the world through its very unique television programs, outreach, prayer and counseling ministries to enrich the spiritual and material life of people.

Today, Salvation TV has a coverage of many million television viewers in India alone with more and more countries taking Salvation TV’s free to air Satellite downstream to broadcast in their country’s local cable channels.

Salvation TV