Rakshana TV Live | India | Telugu | Christian

Rakshana TV Live – Background:

Rakshana TV is the first 24 Hour Christian TV Channel in Telugu.

Rakshana TV is a 24 hours Christian satellite channel launched in 2007 and is also the first Christian television channel (IP Cable) from Andhra Pradesh, India.

The main objective of Rakshana TV is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the unreached places and homes in different parts of the world and specially India.

Rakshana TV is committed to spread the gospel through this media and has been continuing the same all through these years successfully with variety of programs.

Rakshana TV reaches various parts of India and Asia including Gulf countries and USA.

Rakshana TV – Schedule

Aradana TV Live | India | Telugu | Christian

Aradana TV Live – Background:

Brother Shyam Kishore, a religious leader, delivers discourses from the Holy Bible and helps devotees strengthen their faith towards the Almighty.

ARADANA is multi-lingual, multi-cultural and inter-denominational in nature.

Aradana TV is India’s leading Christian satellite channel that presents Bible based inspirational programs 24/7 in Telugu, Hindi and English languages to the community of faith in India and, to the Non Resident Indians and their respective communities around the world.

The sole objective of Aradana TV is to telecast subjects relevant to the Christian faith and serve as a global editorial window of faith to the vast majority of Telugu Christians and non-Christians around the world.

Aradana TV – Schedule