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Faith Victory Ministries TV | USA | English | Christian

Faith Victory Ministries TV – Background:

The seed which grew into Faith Victory Ministries International (FVMI) was planted in 2009.

After a divine encounter of Pastor Charles Antwi with God in which He laid out His mandate and instructions to follow, he decided to resign from his position in the corporate world and open a small computer-related business which would allow him the flexibility and time to serve his God. Subsequently, He was ordained as a full-time minister of the gospel.

The ministry had humble beginnings and the major impetus was prayer which was engaged in long and often in Pastor Charles’ place of business. God sent the people to join him in prayers. This led to a prayer meeting group which was also having Sunday service in the home of one of the brothers, about an hour’s drive from the place of business.

By the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit, Faith Victory Ministries International was directed to a location, in the Edgewater community of Chicago, where the church rented space for all his services.

Early in 2013, the Lord enlarged the church’s territory, and moved it to 1242 W. Thorndale Avenue.

Late 2018 the Lord purchased a building for the church at 7765 S. Coles Ave Chicago, Illinois 60649 where it remains.

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