GCN Live – GCN TV Korea | South Korea | Hangul | Christian

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GCN Live – GCN TV Korea | South Korea | Hangul | Christian

GCN TV Korea – Background:

Now, the size and kinds of broadcasting media have increased dramatically, after all it is called the media age, from satellites, cable, airwaves, IPTV and mobile phones through smart phones.

But as the media expands, programs are overflowing, but viewers are finding it more difficult to find out which programs are beneficial to them.

In the flood of this information, ‘Ji Cheng Broadcast’ occupies a unique position of Christian mission broadcasting with differentiated contents.

GCN TV Korea produces programs that awaken the soul with various contents such as ‘Word of Life’, ‘History of Power’ confirming the Bible is true, and ‘Praise and Prayer’ that God is pleased with.

GCN TV Korea also has a broadcasting network that can be watched anywhere in the world, and is composed of state-of-the-art facilities and systematic systems.

GCN TV Korea – Schedule

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