Grace Television (Grace TV) | India | Tamil | Christian

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Grace Television (Grace TV) | India | Tamil | Christian

Grace Television (Grace TV) – Background:

The mandate of Grace Television (Grace TV) is simple; to build up the Body of Christ and to share the Gospel of Jesus with every person in every people group in every country in a relevant and attractive way so that they can understand the great love of God for them and receive Him as their Savior.

To accomplish this goal, Grace Television (Grace TV) has kept an international standard of excellence to assure that every piece of programming used is top quality, anointed, content full of the Holy Spirit and demonstrating the power of God.

Grace Television (Grace TV) seeks out the best available content from every culture to bring a wide multicultural blend, from children’s programming to Prophetic ministry, Men & Women’s programs, Youth, Music, Panel discussions and so on and whatever other media can be used to portray the power, love and grace of God for His people all around the world and therefore build a bridge for lost mankind back to Him.

Grace Television (Grace TV) – Schedule

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