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Joy TV | India | Tamil | Christian

Joy TV – Background:

Joy TV is an initiative of Christ King Medias to reach the unreached masses in the city.

Christ King Medias is a Christian enterprise which engages in production, broadcast and transmission of Christian messages in the form of sermons, Songs, and skits and by other creative means.

Christ King Medias is a celebrated media partner of the some of the well known and well reputed churches in Chennai.

Christ King Medias works with the following vision, “By all means…. To all…” and thus in partnership with the churches seeks to disseminate the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Joy TV Chennai is a local Channel.

Joy TV Chennai is an ingenious endeavor designed to reach the young people in their respective confines as other attempts to bring them to a formal gathering does not materialize.

Joy TV Chennai is the God given opportunity to reach the people in Chennai and in other parts of Tamilnadu.

Joy TV Chennai seeks in proclaiming the liberating message of Jesus Christ and considers itself as an able partner to the church, the body of Christ which is the agency of God for the realization of the kingdom of God.

Joy TV

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