Enlace TV | Costa Rica | Spanish | Christian

Enlace TV – Background:

Enlace TV is a Latin American Christian-based broadcast television network.

Enlace TV provides inspirational Christian programming to the Hispanic community.

The network features culturally relevant, faith-based programming to Hispanics of all age groups.

Enlace’s primary headquarters are in San José, Costa Rica. In addition, Enlace owns and operates studios, offices, and call centers in most Latin American countries.

Blessing TV (Aseervatham TV) Live | India | Tamil | Christian

Blessing TV (Aseervatham TV) Live – Background

Reaching India so that no Indian will land in hell, but be delivered from sin and curses.

The Word of GOD to be made available to each and every home to have a direct communion with GOD day and night, to meditate the Word of GOD whenever they want, to worship GOD seated in their drawing room.

As we are in the last days, GOD has chosen Blessing TV to shower GOD’s blessings to every one by purifying their lives and making each and every soul come to heaven.