Joshua TV Pakistan Live Streaming | Pakistan | Urdu | Christian

Joshua TV – Background:

Joshua TV welcomes all nationalities, races and classes of people.

The message of Joshua TV is one faith, one hope and one love, presenting the fact that the salvation of humanity can only be found in Jesus Christ the Anointed One by the Father Almighty Lord our God.

Joshua TV

Xclaimed Ministries – Streaming Now! ! USA | English | Christian

Xclaimed Ministries – Streaming Now! – Background:

Xclaimed Ministries continual broadcast on YouTube and Facebook. Connecting with the community and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Bible teachings, study and worship all online 24/7.

Xclaimed Ministries has designed this broadcast to fit any lifestyle schedule. Not everyone can attend a church service or Bible Study on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Xclaimed Ministries has designed a continuous livestream for those who want to learn more about God’s Word any time of the day or night.

Live streaming church online everyday, all day.

Xclaimed Ministries