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Velugu TV | India | English | Christian

Velugu TV – Background:

Velugu Television Network (VTN) is the result of praying, planning and discerning on how best to reach the fast growing millions of people for Jesus Christ from the sub-continent of India and around the world.

With the encouragement of respected evangelical leaders and with hard work, God helped in the launching of VTN.

It is an understatement to say that VTN is overwhelmed with the response thus far where television/online content is viewed extensively, from the viewers outside of India.

God is truly using VTN to reach millions of people who had not heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

VTN is growing and spreading into new areas and freely availale on several IPTV platforms outside of India in USA/UK/Europe & Asia .

The vision and desire of VTN is to grow even more and capture the whole world for Christ. There are so many linguistic groups who never heard the name of Jesus at least once in their life.

To give every person a fair chance to see the truth of the gospel and respond to the gospel, when they meet Jesus their joy is boundless.

As Christianity takes hold on countries such as India, long-standing problems diminish and the healing hand of the living God touches entire social systems.

VTN encourages and invites regional and international Evangelists, programmers and broadcasters to join them and be a part of this work in reaching the masses.

Velugu TV – Schedule

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